Short Term Training

Short Term Training

  • Yearly limit is $4500
  • Short Term Training is defined as training of four (4) months or less that is needed to obtain a certificate or license required to take on a job or to support development within a current position.
  • AEF does not allow simultaneous funding between AEF scholarships for post-secondary education and short-term training within the same calendar year.
  • All of AEF’s applications are now online.

Online Application:

Additional eligibility requirements applicable to AEF’s short-term training program:
1. If the applicant is unemployed:
(a) Applicant must have a bona fide job offer.
(b) If there is no bona fide job offer, the training must be required for the applicant to become job ready.

2. If the applicant is employed:
(a) Documentation from the employer must be provided if (1) applicant is in danger of losing his/her job or (2) the applicant will gain additional skills to enhance their job performance.

3.Applicant must provide information on:
(a) The purpose of training;
(b) The entity providing the training;
(c) The date and times of the proposed training;
(d) The cost of the training;
(e) One letter of recommendation.

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