AEF’s Cultural Education Program

Our Cultural Education Programs

Arctic Education Foundation believes that cultural youth development programs foster creative expression and identity while supporting core social and emotional skills. We also believe our cultural programs can be a way for communities to form stronger bonds, for youth to learn invaluable knowledge of their culture, and for the traditions of past generations to be passed on to our future generation.

These cultural programs are an important piece to building and maintaining a connection to our youth and their traditional hunting, language, art, and knowledge of the land.

Igliġurriñiq Kiŋuniiksraptignun-

Guiding the way for our future generations!

Under the Cultural Education Program, AEF will provide cultural education through:

Youth Culture Camp – The culture camp will provide education on subsistence hunting, processing food and plants, traditional knowledge of the land specific to the village location, weather, and survival education, preparing camping gear and camp set up, language and songs, and arts and crafts. This camp is funded through Arctic Slope Community Foundation, Arctic Slope Native Association, ConocoPhillips, Santos, North Slope Borough and Alaska Community Foundation.

Youth Traditional Plant Education – This workshop will provide education on plant collection and processing, medicinal plant uses specific to the region, and berry picking, and processing. This workshop is funded through Arctic Slope Community Foundation.

Youth Traditional Art Education– This workshop will provide education on traditional Iñupiat art and technique, which can include drum making, fur sewing, jewelry making, ivory, and baleen carving from local artists from the North Slope region. This workshop is funded through Arctic Slope Community Foundation.

Quyanaqpak to our 2022 Cultural Education Program partners!

Application and Deadlines

AEF Culture Camp Application

Deadline for the Culture Camp application is July 1, 2022.

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