Ivalu Gala

In the Iñupiaq culture the word Ivalu holds a special meaning. It means thread, or bind, and it comes from the sinew of our Native caribou. For thousands of years it has been vital to the survival of our people – allowing our umiaq (skin boat) to float and our clothes to be sewn. Today, Ivalu is just as important. It’s the thread that serves our traditions and represents the bond that ties our people together. The Arctic Education Foundation honors Ivalu through its gala to support our young people, helping them achieve success through education.

2022 Ivalu Gala has been canceled due to COVID – We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Summer Benefit! More information to come soon!

Guiding the Way for Our Future Generations

Igliġurriñiq Kiŋuniiksraptignun

For more information on how to get involved through volunteering, donating or attending Ivalu Gala please email arcticed@asrc.com or call (907) 852-9455.

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