2023 Anaġi Leadership Award Winner!

The Arctic Education Foundation (AEF) is proud to announce the 2023 Anaġi Leadership Award winner, Andrea Storer of Anchorage, Alaska

Andrea is the daughter of Geraldine and Andrew Storer; her grandparents are Morgan Sakeagak Jr. and Cora Sakeagak.

Andrea is currently attending Montana State University in Bozeman and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Her ultimate aspiration is to become a pediatrician and provide healthcare in rural areas in Alaska, specifically in her home community of Utqiagvik.

Andrea said, “I am very grateful for this scholarship as it will allow me to focus on my undergraduate and then medical school studies and bring me one step closer to my dream.”

We wish Andrea the best of luck in her education! Aarigaa! Kiita!

The Arctic Education Foundation honors the late ASRC president & CEO, Dr. Jacob Anaġi Adams.  This award is an exclusive scholarship given to an ASRC shareholder that exemplifies leadership in every aspect of their life while embracing Iñupiaq values.

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