2022 Anaġi Award Winner!

Arctic Education Foundation is very pleased to announce Krissia Tuzroyluk who is from Tikigaq or Point Hope as the 2022 Anaġi Leadership Award Winner!  

Krissia moved from Point Hope to Anchorage in the seventh grade to pursue educational opportunities while frequently visiting home for summer and winter breaks. While in Anchorage, Krissia was on the 2020-2021 Elders and Youth Council, Vice President of the Indigenous Student Union at her high school, President of the Indigenous Student Union, and Chairperson of the Anchorage School District Native Advisory Committee. She volunteered time for Fiveable and the Alaska Coalition of BIPOC educators. Krissia was also a part of her uncle’s whaling crew, the Tuzroyluk 157 Crew in Point Hope. She graduated in May 2022 with her school’s Summa Cum Laude distinction and Capstone Diploma. Krissia will continue her education at the Dyson SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University, studying Applied Economics and Management.

Krissia plans to bring her education home to benefit her village and fight against poverty in Alaska, just as her elders always taught her.

We wish Krissia the best of luck in her education! Aarigaa! Kiita!

The Arctic Education Foundation honors the late ASRC president & CEO, Dr. Jacob Anaġi Adams.  This award is an exclusive scholarship given to an ASRC shareholder that exemplifies leadership in every aspect of their life while embracing Iñupiaq values.

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